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Introductions  The Sounds

Oz Patton is an Aurora Colorado local artist. With eclectic sounds coming from multiple influences throughout the music industry his music transitions the expectations set by hip-hop and rap standards. Incorporating the sounds of EDM, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop and other music Oz Patton takes you on a lyrical journey through well known popular instrumentals and original tracks expressing the deepest, moving parts of the artist himself. His experience is represented well through his music but most present live. Having the opportunity to work with other local artist he's participated in shows in many local Colorado venues and looks to spread his sound and influence further into the music industry. Be on the lookout for his next work, where you'll get more of that chill, hyphy, eclectic vibe. With some experience in visual arts, Oz Patton draws and creates flyers as well as his own album covers for all of his work. Branching out to create for his peers as well. Stay tuned as the journey only excels from here. Thanks for listening. 

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