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The Hermit

I'm excited sitting here listening to Ozone, preparing it for the release tomorrow getting things in order. Reruns of LOST in the background (Great Show). Cried cause Charlie died even though I knew it was coming.... One tear this time one tear. Smoking a J. I had the hermit as my tarot card for the day and I'm being very introspective about work. I've been seeing a lot of people not getting along in their careers like I assumed and I just want to push and drive myself into a successful atmosphere. Caught a break at work cause my manager is a G who looks out for his best and makes sure I feel that way. I have therapy for the first time to deal with some shit. I'm confident my path is correct. The music is telling me a story and I can't wait to share it. Life still goes on but I can't waste the cursed gift I've been given. The things that drive me to succeed usually involve chasing success anyway. Transitioning my positive efforts from my job to music and vice versa. Thanks for staying tuned. I'll keep you posted on whats next.

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