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Ah Sweet Release

So yesterday I went to my first therapy appointment, which was surprisingly a much better experience than I expected(I got issues), and released Ozone, a project I've been working on for at least the last 4 years. I know its just a free mixtape but the way things seem to be falling into place is feeling like manifest destiny. Let me not get over-zealous though. I've only really convinced my friends and family to download but I'm grateful for even that. Thank you all by the way. I'm trying not to be pushy mixtape dude and promote myself in other ways than I have in the past. Taking advantage of social media like a mother fucker. I'm inspired and have enough momentum to jump into concluding my next project. It'll be a more emotional, exploring my thoughts on social issues, relationships, the "industry" (I almost want to type quote un quote to expose my admiration and distain through sarcasm) and more of the usual. It's coming soon, so stay tuned. And thanks for listening.

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