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Praying for Change, Trying to Be It

So this last week and two weekends have been very emotional. We watched Philando Castile and Alton Sterling get murder by police in separate states. Along with the many other minorities within 48 hours. We watch protestors and officers get shot at during a peace rally by a black sniper who is also argued among the internet as a white supremacist male intending to incite a race riot. I saw Nakia Jones an officer express her hurt and concern for these types of situations and the stigma behind our justice system. She condemned those that could be identified as racist cops and was fired for speaking out. A few weeks back Jesse Williams made a speech while receiving the humanitarian award from BET and had a petition against him to kick him off the show, which failed, the petition that is. Big ups Shonda Rhymes. I watched our President stay calm and do nothing but sign another law to protect law enforcement but no changes to support more equality for citizens. I'm disappointed in President Obama's lack of urgency when it comes to citizens rights and police accountability, as well as government accountability. I've gotten into political and social debates on social media with my friends and expressed my opinion on twitter. But I believe its time to do more. The state of our nation is in shambles when it comes to respect and social injustice. Everyone feels attacked by another persons need to be recognized as equal. Everyone feels someone is trying to lessen them or belittle them and stead of teach them something about another cultures experience. I saw an amazing 14 year old kid, Royce Mann perform a poem about White Privilege that blew my mind. Now I'm not the type of person who believes that any one race is more responsible than another race for the injustices of systematic oppression but I do believe in what #BlackLivesMatters is important to recognizing and identifying how that group of individuals being black people have been effected. It does not discount another races struggle even though it may seem and sound like such. The message is warped. I released a song on Soundcloud called Injustice identifying some issues within the last two years of systematic oppression in our country. Most people tend to forget the America consist of three countries. Canada, Mexico, and The United States. Even mistaking the make America Great Again as a message about just the US. There is so much ignorance and separation and the media fuels this. Its sad to know that education and unity are the key but feel powerless. I've watched the marches work and not work. I've watched legislation and law fail. And I think its time to do something else. I am myself putting a plan into motion to unify my own community and hopefully these changes can spill outward. Now I don't live in a place where police brutality and unlawful death is constant like some other places in the US but it effects me as much as the next person afraid of the media's stigma and inexperienced cops being let out into the streets to work. About the fact that police precincts have quota's for arrest and tickets. That racism still exist. I think Donald Trump's campaign has proven that. I want to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding so we can cross a bridge into what truly is great about America. Its diversity. I love this country. I respect the police and people's lives. It it is time to be more than we have. And even if it takes time to become better the only way to go is progress. I may not get to vote for Bernie Sanders like I wanted to this year, but I do know one thing. I will no longer stand for this. I won't stand still. Not anymore.

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