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Balance (Verses)

It's been a while since I've blogged. Took a few weeks off from the site to get ready for these upcoming events. The #WeGotNextTour days 1 & 3, then The Denver Ultimate Hip Hop Showcase. These things kind of fell into my lap. But with all these small blessing comes the burden of obligation. I get anxiety before show time. Wanting to make a good impression and do my part. It also takes time away from my family. I spend my free and spare time laughing and loving my girls, making music, and creating. So even finding time for my friends is difficult. I love my people and the freedoms I used to have when I was alone. Having nothing to do all the time made me quite the yes man. Parties, concerts, random kick its, movies, games, anything. You ask I was there. Now I have a responsibility, to prepare an awesome little person for this world and to be her best. I have a love who I want to give everything to but my most precious gift is time. So I give her all of it that I have. Dividing it amongst them, while trying to include myself. It can be trying. Sleep is a commodity. I don't have the luxury to get it comfortably. I take every opportunity to relax when my brain will allow and the exhaustion leaves me missing somethings sometimes. So here's to progress and finding that o so delicate balance between life, love, and opportunity. We keep trying, we keep growing, we get better. I'll find the balance and I will be ever patient in my search. Thanks stick with me.

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