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Confessions of a Man Wishful


I want to be....

Knight in shining armor, such a charmer and vigilant by my hand

To practice all I preach, always reach for God like wisdom

Having to tear y heart open emotionally blocked

With rips made easy and scars unbled

Ahead effortlessly dominant

Prominently protect profit palms with fist

Easy to whisk her away

Afraid of nothing but my own intelligence

Innocences lost to learning life's lessons

Experience all, fall only to rebuild, unstilled and still adopt advocates after aging

Unresistable resisting sexual impulse

False to take challenges head first

Thirst for the path to be set, regret locked out of my vocabulary

Very vigorously sincere, atmosphere changer

Danger to any woman, with wild incentive minds

To be to damn refined

Find words between r, e, and d

Fine, Me

He who is brutally honest, unfortunately modest in my abilities

Mysteries to why

Wether wrong, women willingly wash, water and wet at my wisdom


Killing to inspire

Kill in my attire

And I'm tired but you'll never tell

Well, strength un-insightable, to undeniable

Just un-retire-able built boldy as a worker


Worryless, convinced I'm every solution

Be your revolution to all resolutions

Support prostitution because, I'll do what it takes too

You just don't respect you

It's literally earned, continually burn with wealthy wine slaughter

Appropriately daughter my mother

Defined defiantly, dominant, dignified brother

Bother-somely extreme and redeemed only through father and son

All games will be won

Because I exfoliate confidence

Common sense to natural to bother with

To arrive where boys are deprived and thrive they will for my presence

Pleasant to gab with gamefully, gitty girls

Love luscious luminous lustful ladies

And laugh that I'm still young

Gun Threatful to the world

Run game gracefully gifted

Unknown why?

Cause you missed it, when you kissed it, not to mention, it won't be mentioned

Since gentlemen don't kiss and tell


But I promise you will

Still I'm loved by children, envied by young men

And respected by all respectful

Un-test-ful and bless-ful in spoken word

The truth is the only thing unheard


My image mirrors my soul

Kind of swole, left to glow all of my strengths

Gigantic head, continually fed with knowledge

Acknowledge I breathe this

Surprised I asked Jesus

Is this the best of me

Let him rest in me, to invest in me

Testing theories, thoroughly thought that,

I am what I know

And I know what you see

Since you define the man in me.

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