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I sit and watch the sky light up with my daughter tucked beneath my arm in the grass behind our house. I remember the glow in my eye from every moment the sky was lit. Each time giving me a different feeling a different vibe. Standing next to my mom on a hill the sky glowing. Raising a beer at a Rockies Game while the boom from the blast shakes me and my heart jumps with each spark. Standing on the balcony while the sky mimics the ground at Sports Column. Sitting in the back of a truck at Breckingridge, watching the lake mirror the sky like a special two for one of excitement. Tonight, though we were surrounded. It seem like the city was a raging war against the sky with the mass of firework shows popping off everywhere. And right from our house. We popped poppers and she got to have her "Best 4th of July ever!" But she hasn't seen nothing yet. I can't wait till everything is as it should be. Happy 4th of July. Folks stay tuned cause I'm still "in the lab" and I may have some new soundcloud ish for you. check it out later this week for more.

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